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What We Do

The Hampshire Wedding Crechers are here to provide care and entertainment for your little guests. We all know children are part of your big day, and don't they look so adorable in their party clothes!, but what happens when they get tired, bored or a little over-whelmed? This could be during the speeches or a little later in the day when they are all partied out! We can provide a safe and fun environment for them to recharge their batteries, have a play or simply for the tiny ones to have a sleep. Our qualified staff are on hand to keep them safe and happy, which everyone knows a happy child equals a happy parent!


Mask Making


Giant Jenga

Board Games

Arts and Crafts (aprons included)

Giant Connect 4

Tin Can Alley

Giant Snakes and Ladders






Jewellery Making

Chalk Pictures


Magnet Making

Sand Art

Cake/Biscuit Decorating

Mosaic Sticker Art

Frame Decorating


Coaster Making

Design A Keyring

Scratch Art

Tent and Tunnel

Table Football

Table Tennis

Air Hockey

............and Many More!

*please note- activities are subject to availability and may vary 

Baby Area

The baby area has a mini ball pit, baby toys, Jumperoo and baby books. We also provide nappy changing facilities-  a changing mat, anti-bacterial wipes and gloves for our staff

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